Moving Back to New Haven?


Sure, why not!

About two weeks ago, I got a call from the shop manager at LWT, the theatre where I was a resident last year, asking me if I wanted a job. Being that a) I was unemployed and b) I would have probably cut off my left leg to move back east and out of Ohio, I of course said yes.

So I’m moving back to New Haven and going back to work at LWT. I get to spend all day sewing and get a real, live paycheck as opposed to the sad little resident stipend from last year. I do have to do all those difficult things like pay rent and for utilities. No more free housing for me.

While I’m super excited and counting down the days until I get back, I’m a little sad that I won’t have all my friends from last year at the theatre with me. I’ll miss having Lydia and Nikki around, as they were the people I spent the most time with while I was a resident. Lydia had applied for the carp job at LWT back in July and I wish she would’ve gotten it… but such is life, I suppose? I at least have StagemanagementfriendAlex around and my other roommates within driving distance. It’ll be different.

But it’ll be awesome.


About Cait

Born and raised in good ol' Ohio, I've transplanted from the midwest to the Connecticut coast. I am presently interning for a theatre company as their costume resident where I meet and interact with some of the most bizarre, amusing, and fantastic people one would imagine. I spend my days covered in bits of thread and fabric, grow angry when my bobbin runs out mid sewing, and consider playing dress up part of my job.

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