Monthly Archives: September 2011

Moving Back to New Haven?


Sure, why not!

About two weeks ago, I got a call from the shop manager at LWT, the theatre where I was a resident last year, asking me if I wanted a job. Being that a) I was unemployed and b) I would have probably cut off my left leg to move back east and out of Ohio, I of course said yes.

So I’m moving back to New Haven and going back to work at LWT. I get to spend all day sewing and get a real, live paycheck as opposed to the sad little resident stipend from last year. I do have to do all those difficult things like pay rent and for utilities. No more free housing for me.

While I’m super excited and counting down the days until I get back, I’m a little sad that I won’t have all my friends from last year at the theatre with me. I’ll miss having Lydia and Nikki around, as they were the people I spent the most time with while I was a resident. Lydia had applied for the carp job at LWT back in July and I wish she would’ve gotten it… but such is life, I suppose? I at least have StagemanagementfriendAlex around and my other roommates within driving distance. It’ll be different.

But it’ll be awesome.