Staying Busy: Projects to Do While at Home


Ruffle Shirt
Purse Camera Bag
Revamping an Old Sweatshirt
“Taking Notes” Skirt
Convertible Wrap/Infinity Dress
USA Map Scrap Wall Hanging
Ribbon and Pearl Necklace
Organizer Tote Basket
Burberry Inspired Wrap Skirt
Fabric Headband
Shift Dress
Men’s Shirt Skirt
Sweatshirt Restyle
Colourful Tiered Trays
Book Strap
Bird Mobile
Storage Ladder
Ruffled Messanger Bag
Knitting Bag
Old School Dufflebag
Flat Bottomed Zippered Pouch
Fabric Storage Basket
Reusable Grocery Bag
Weekender Bag
Kate Middleton Blue Zara Dress
Bento Box Lunch Box
Casserole Carrier 


About Cait

Born and raised in good ol' Ohio, I've transplanted from the midwest to the Connecticut coast. I am presently interning for a theatre company as their costume resident where I meet and interact with some of the most bizarre, amusing, and fantastic people one would imagine. I spend my days covered in bits of thread and fabric, grow angry when my bobbin runs out mid sewing, and consider playing dress up part of my job.

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