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Summer Sewing & Knitting Projects


I had a fantastic summer.

First, I’ve had a series of fantastic summers over the past few years working at my summer camp. However, I decided this summer I needed to try something new and something related to my field. I ended up spending the summer in the Adirondack’s at the Adirondack Theatre Festival. Its pretty awesome… you should check it out if you’re in the area.

Anyway, I was given the luxury of spending a lot of time working with my intern on a multitude of different sewing projects. I even got in a few of my own…

I bought this fabric from along with a couple of buttons and some fusible fleece. I found a link (to come) to a laptop case tutorial. During the tech of one of our shows (which I designed and only had one costume… so I excused myself from the third day of tech and deemed the show done!) I whipped up this little number… and its totally awesome and completely easy.

Another day, another project. One day I played host to two other interns for the day so that we could all make aprons. They succeeded… I made a brush holder roll for our carpenter because it sounded more exciting.

I semi regretted this decision when I had to run wardrobe and realized my blacks did not have pockets. Luckily, I didn’t have that much to carry around…. At  least I wasn’t wearing coveralls.

Onward! What to make next? Well first I had to finish the baby blanket I started way back in April. My best friend is having a baby girl in September and I had promised to make her this blanket. Charlotte (which is the baby’s name! I love it. Its so classic!) is going to have the most adorable nursery with purple and butterflies… and the blanket matches perfectly.

Adorableness. And it only took me four-ish months to complete. My final knitting project of the summer? Nerd-tastic.

Who’s seen the show Firefly? I hadn’t until this past year when my New Haven roommates convinced me to watch it on Netflix. Joss Whedon wasn’t a name I was particularly familiar with, so its a good thing I watch this show or I would’ve had no idea what my friend, Scott, was talking about when he showed me this hat.

Yes. I made the Jayne Cobb hat. (And for those of you who are die hard crazy fans… I added the damn dingle dangles off the earflaps.) I now have a waiting list of people who want them as well…

So this was my summer of personal projects. Add in ten thousand alterations, a lot of nights playing cornhole and terrorizing a cat,  trips on the lake in the boat, some ice cream, and a whole lot of crazy antics and you have my summer.

It was fantastic.


Staying Busy: Projects to Do While at Home


Ruffle Shirt
Purse Camera Bag
Revamping an Old Sweatshirt
“Taking Notes” Skirt
Convertible Wrap/Infinity Dress
USA Map Scrap Wall Hanging
Ribbon and Pearl Necklace
Organizer Tote Basket
Burberry Inspired Wrap Skirt
Fabric Headband
Shift Dress
Men’s Shirt Skirt
Sweatshirt Restyle
Colourful Tiered Trays
Book Strap
Bird Mobile
Storage Ladder
Ruffled Messanger Bag
Knitting Bag
Old School Dufflebag
Flat Bottomed Zippered Pouch
Fabric Storage Basket
Reusable Grocery Bag
Weekender Bag
Kate Middleton Blue Zara Dress
Bento Box Lunch Box
Casserole Carrier