6 January 2011


This girl has a lot of designing to do.

I’m presently working at Long Wharf Theatre as their costume resident. Along with working in their costume shop for the season, I also help in producing a theatre for youth show with the other seven residents in my program. My part of the process, obviously, is the costumes which I both design and create. I’m thrilled about the idea, however, I have no motivation to sit down and sketch.

So is my life.

I should make a promise that, if work gets cancelled tomorrow due more impending snow doom, I will sit down and sketch.

But, if we’re being honest…. I’ll probably just go right back to sleep.


About Cait

Born and raised in good ol' Ohio, I've transplanted from the midwest to the Connecticut coast. I am presently interning for a theatre company as their costume resident where I meet and interact with some of the most bizarre, amusing, and fantastic people one would imagine. I spend my days covered in bits of thread and fabric, grow angry when my bobbin runs out mid sewing, and consider playing dress up part of my job.

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